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Have you found yourself suffering because of badly damaged or missing teeth? You're not alone, as many people share in the discomforts that stem from deteriorating oral health. Badly damaged or missing teeth can lead to worsening problems of periodontal (gum) disease, bone deterioration from tooth loss, and overall poor oral health.

The good news is that modern dentistry offers tremendous options to restore your smile. From state-of-art dental implant procedures and full mouth implants (secure dentures) to break-through gum disease treatments, we have solutions for every case and budget. As a patient of Sonoma Smiles, we'll listen diligently to your needs and put forth the best treatment options available.

Real Patient Smiles:

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Dr. Wayne Sutton will work with each patient to curate a smile makeover plan that addresses your primary goals, ideal timeline, and your individual preferences. As Dr. Sutton reviews the best options for your transformation process, you’ll be able to play a direct role in co-planning your aesthetic procedure.

Depending on the unique characteristics and needs of your smile, we may recommend a combination of various restorative treatments such as:


Dental Implants

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Full Mouth Implants

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Porcelain Crowns

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Dental Bridges

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Gum Treatments

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