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Dental crowns—sometimes called “caps”— are protective covers that we place over structurally compromised teeth. Here at Sonoma Smiles, most of our dental crowns in Rohnert Park are made of tooth-colored materials to blend in with your smile.

Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

Crowns are recommended in instances where smaller restorations like fillings are inadequate. We might suggest a crown if your tooth has:

  • Aggressive areas of decay
  • Significant fractures or wear
  • Previous root canal treatment
  • Large, leaky metal fillings

Since a small filling would be inadequate to repair such issues, crowns cover the entire surface to protect the tooth underneath. This outer layer allows you to continue biting and chewing normally, without having to worry if the tooth is going to break apart any further.

The Dental Crown Process

Like dental bridges, getting a dental crown requires two separate appointments. During your first visit, we’ll numb and prep your tooth to create space for a crown to fit comfortably on top of it. Once the tooth is prepared, we’ll take impressions and write up instructions on shape and color for our lab. While the ceramist is crafting your new crown, you’ll wear a temporary to prevent any sensitivity. About two weeks later you’ll come back to have the temporary removed and the permanent crown cemented into place.

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New Patient Smile Program:

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Caring for Your New Crown

It’s important that you brush and floss around your crown each day. Although the crown itself cannot decay, bacteria can still collect around the edges of the restoration. Without proper home care, new areas of decay could develop.

Cost of Dental Crowns

The price for a dental crown in Rohnert Park can fluctuate depending on several different factors. For instance:

  • The type of material your crown is made from (ceramic, zirconia, gold, etc.) can fluctuate depending on geographic regions and market values.
  • If you have dental insurance and the level of coverage your benefits include. Keep deductibles and co-pays in mind.
  • Additional therapies that may need to be performed alongside your crown treatment. Such as root canal treatment, crown lengthening, etc.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance coverage, you can conveniently afford your necessary crown through our convenient financing options. Easily make modest monthly payments without having to delay essential restorative treatment.

Ultimately, delaying a dental crown can cost you more money in the future. Especially if the tooth deteriorates or develops an abscess.

Personalized Care in Rohnert Park

At Sonoma Smiles, our experienced cosmetic dentist and prosthodontics specialist can provide you with amazing dental crowns that help your smile live up to its full potential. Together, we will work to ensure your smile performs at the level it’s supposed to, while always looking its best.

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