Substances Could Protect Teeth Enamel

More often than not, we are told what hurts the enamel on our teeth. Foods and drinks – such as, carbonated beverages, long-lasting and sticky sweets, dried fruits, starchy foods, and high-acids foods and drinks have the tendency to decay and strip off the enamel of teeth. While there are many ways to destroy the […]

Choosing the Best Fix: Inman Aligner or Braces

Improving dental health for a beautiful smile is not just for teenagers. As technology has progressed, the methods and ways of straightening teeth has become simple and affordable to anyone at any age. Traditionally, braces have been a more common way of fixing contorted teeth. With modern breakthroughs, however, braces are not only becoming more […]

Fight Bleeding Gums at Home

Dealing with bleeding gums is one of the more irritating and unpleasant dental problems you can experience. Having gums that bleed can not only prove uncomfortable, but they can keep you from properly maintaining oral health. The reasons for having bleeding gums can be numerous and knowing exactly why your gums bleed can help you […]

The Importance of Home Dental Care

Having a glistening smile is not solely the responsibility of the dentist. While regular visits to the dentist are important to get deep cleanings and to ensure protection against any unwanted plaque build up, it is what is done at home that is most important. Poor dental care can have negative effects from tooth decay, […]