Mouth Bacteria

How mouth bacteria affects your overall health

Mouth Bacteria Travel in Relation to Health A guest article By Dr. Mac Lee, DDS My grandfather was a dentist nearly 100 years ago and he believed that infection from an abscessed tooth could travel to and affect the most vulnerable parts of the body. Dentistry ran in the family and, as it would happen, […]

Tips for kids brushing teeth from your dentist in Rohnert Park

Tips to keep your kids’ teeth healthy

Teach kids how to take care of their teeth. Pre-teeth cleaning for infants. Infants under six months typically do not have teeth. However, it’s important to clean their gums. This is especially true after they drink milk, since this has been shown to be a breeding ground for bacteria. To clean your infant’s gums, use […]

children's teeth damaged by acid and soft drinks

It only takes 30 seconds for soft drinks to damage teeth

A new study shows that acidic drinks like sodas and soft drinks can cause severe and irreversible damage to the teeth of young people within 30 seconds. Researchers at the University of Adelaide in India have demonstrated for the first time ever that lifelong damage is caused within the first 30 seconds of an acid […]

Dentists may use tooth regeneration for a cavity in the near future

Tooth regeneration for a cavity is around the corner

Next time you come in to the office with a cavity you just might have the option of tooth regeneration instead of a filling or root canal. Scientists at the world-renown Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have been working scrupulously creating solutions that have the capacity to not just repair but restore […]