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Stressful Modern Living is at the Root of Grinding Teeth

If the stresses of daily living leave you grinding teeth, then you are definitely not alone. Dental surgeons are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of cases of bruxism, also known as involuntary grinding teeth! In fact the problem has become so prevalent that it is thought to affect one in 10 people. The […]

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What Are Your Teeth Telling You About Your Overall Health?

The attention you give your teeth likely consists of a two-minute teeth brushing routine twice a day. You may even invest an extra minute flossing your teeth or scheduling your 6-month dental check-up. But, did you know that by taking just a little extra time to really examine your teeth, you might learn something about […]

Adult Braces on the Rise Due to Advances in Technology

Frank Mott is a 54-year-old man, that is just one of the rapidly increasing numbers of adults who are turning to adult braces to improve their smiles. Gone are the days when the word “braces” conjured up ugly images of mouths full of metal and terms such as “brace-face” and “metal-mouth.” “You’d opt to get your […]

Surgeons find teeth in a rare infant brain tumor

Surgeons Find Infant’s Rare Brain Tumor Has Teeth

In Maryland, a 4-month-old infant may be the first person to have teeth develop in his brain due to a rare brain tumor. The child is doing well now that the tumor has been successfully removed. Doctors first suspected the child might be at risk of a brain tumor when the boy’s head appeared to […]