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Rohnert Park Dental

Our experienced staff offer comprehensive dental examinations at our Rohnert Park office and specialize in a wide array of dental services. We use only the most advanced technology and are committed to improving the quality of life of persons in the Rohnert Park community through enhanced dental services.

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The overwhelming feeling I had as I first walked into my dentist's office was shame. It had been a long time since II had seen a dentist and I wasn't very proud of myself for putting it off for so long. I had a mouth full of dental problems and needed a whole lot of dental work done. When Dr Sutton and I sat down to discuss my treatment plan, I began to relax. After that, every time I came into the office, I would become more and more comfortable. That was amazing since I was having major work done like, extractions, implants, crowns to name a few. By now, nothing scared me. Even palatal injections don't scare me since Dr Sutton gave me one that I had not even felt. The entire staff is kind and caring. Each and every person seemed to be right on their game: accomplished at their individual jobs and even better at working together. So far, there is nothing I can complain about but rather highly recommend Dr Sutton and his staff of Wonder Women!

Janet W.