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Kenneth Hicks
Kenneth H.
I've been coming here since 2002 and Dr. Sutton does excellent work as does Brenda & Suzy.
Gary Young
Gary Y.
Great experience. Very efficient and compassionate staff.
Lisa Brown
Lisa B.
Thank you so much for the excellent dental care. I really appreciate your state of the art equipment, and keeping us safe.
Sandy Bartee
Sandy B.
The staff are kind and compassionate. Dr Sutton is smart as a whip and got a dental plan forme to do in increments over time, back to me in one week! Prices and all. Plus payment plan!! They are the ones for me! Sandra Bartee
Brenda cleaned my teeth! She was very thorough and I appreciated that 🙂
cunningscam Cunningham
cunningscam C.
The office atmosphere was really great and both times I have been the dental assistants were so great. The staff interacts great with Dr.Sutton and the care was exceptional. So glad to have found a new dentist who made it feel like you've been a part of his practice forever!
Wendy Paskin-Jordan
Wendy P.
There was absolutely no pain when I was injected with Novocain, my crowns are gorgeous, and all of the staff are friendly, courteous, helpful, and smart. I drive 40 miles each way for Dr Sutton’s A+ dental skills. Can’t find a dentist in San Francisco as talented and technologically proficient. And, Wayne’s a REALLY nice guy....
Patricia Taylor
Patricia T.
I was very apprehensive and skeptical when I went to see Dr. Sutton for the first time today. The reason being that the last 2 times I tried out a new dentist because of a discount coupon, I was told I needed thousands of dollars of invasive dental work!!! Everyone on Dr. Sutton’s staff was very welcoming; so much so that my blood pressure didn’t sky rocket like it usually does in situations like this. Dr. Sutton was absolutely charming and completely honest with me. He told me (as I had suspected) that my teeth were in great shape and I needed no dental work at all!!! 😁 I have found my new dentist!!!
james adams
james A.
Best dentist by far! Will never go anywhere else. Thanks soo much 🙂
Rich Rackerby
Rich R.
Super friendly, professional and zero pain. I will continue to make Dr. Wayne my dentist
Loretta Mateik
Loretta M.
I am so happy to have found Dr. Sutton at Sonoma Smiles! What a wonderful place this is. The staff is so professional. I couldn't be happier with a dentist!!
Ann Nally
Ann N.
Hygienist was very thorough and gentle.
Joel Taatjes
Joel T.
Awesome experience once again. Professional,friendly,efficient ! Expert care and opinions you can trust! Thanks Dr Sutton and staff for years of great care for my family.Dr Joel Taatjes
Alondra Ayala
Alondra A.
Found Dr. Sutton online when I needed an urgent root canal about 3 years ago and will not go anywhere else for my dental care. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences in this office in all departments (billing, hygiene, dentist). ALL of the staff have treated my so kindly and it makes my trips to the dentist a breeze.
Matt Thomas
Matt T.
I know how some people hate going to the dentist. They have never went to Sonoma Smiles. The staff is extremely friendly, the hygentist is amazing, and Wayne Sutton is extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to going to Sonoma Smiles.
Jazzmine Connelly
Jazzmine C.
Friendly people ! Nice doctor ! Efficient!
Angelica Garcia
Angelica G.
Super nice and informative staff. Everyone is very friendly & made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Sutton was very informative and really knew what he was talking about .
Mark Senzig
Mark S.
Outstanding, amazing dentist. The staff very professional. Had major dental work and am very grateful and pleased I chose Dr. Sutton.
T Nunes
T N.
Dr. Sutton is a professional that takes care of his clients. Always personable, respectful and easy to speak with.Suzy has been my hygenist for a number of years now and she is just fantastic. For something that many people may have aprehension over (going to the dentist), Dr. Sutton’s office has always been a place I’ve been at ease with.
Uriah Vogt
Uriah V.
Everyone working here is great. Friendly, fun group. Dr. Sutton is up-to-date with his dental equipment. For the best care he can provide. To make it all as comfortable as they can for you.I've been a customer for 4 years. I work out of town at the last minute sometimes. They work with my schedual. Very helpful. Thank You.
David Frazer
David F.
Great staff, great service.
Louise Mason
Louise M.
Susie is always professional, and does a great job. She is so personable and I look forward to each cleaning because of her. Definitely an excellent asset to the practice.
Wendy Booth
Wendy B.
Wayne and his staff are great!They totally get us dentist phobic folk who simply can’t stand the sound of the drill. I HATEgoing to the dentist, but Wayne has an easy going nature that makes it painless. He understands and doesn’t make me feel like a baby when I ask for nitrous. He’s super gentle with the novacaine shots (ugh, the worst!j....but he has great technique, takes his time and seems like he uses less then other dentists I’ve been too. Less is better IF it’s properly administered. Who wants to be numb all day!? He knows his craft.Just had my second crown done by him today. It was easy peasy! Zero pain. Even now after the novacaine has worn off.
Bill Elbring
Bill E.
Totally top notch service and skill.
Jessica Thompson
Jessica T.
Dr. Sutton and his staff have taken excellent care of me for 16 years now. Thank you Sonoma Smiles!
Rami Batarseh
Rami B.
I have great experience every time I go there. Well organized, great synergy among the staff, bright and inviting office, Dr. Sutton is skilled, efficient and knows what he's doing. Highly recommended.
Brenda Bullington
Brenda B.
I appreciate the positive environment, friendly staff and the professional and friendly care I receive every time I visit the office!!! This last visit was a fit me in and take care of me situation, temp bridge and all! I can't be more thankful! I drive over three hours to make this my one and only dentist office! It is well worth every mile I drive! They understand and accommodate my distance, and make me feel welcome! I feel like I am in good hands and Dr Sutton has been gentle, thorough, and friendly. I trust his care and appreciate the help he has given me with my teeth. Thank you, to all the staff!! Brenda
bud atallah
bud A.
i visited Dr Sutton DDS office for a major work. i had a very good experience, very relaxing. very helpful staff and above all a great doctor. it was painless experience and very accommodating to my schedule needs. i recommend this doctor very highly. you will be happy.
Sonya Kelly
Sonya K.
Professional, skilled, pleasant atmosphere, beautiful office
Steve Danelz
Steve D.
Always friendly and do great work, thanks.
Cheryl Sanfilippo
Cheryl S.
Unquestionably my best dental experiences. Dr. Wayne Sutton and Sonoma Smiles employees are extremely professional.The overall environment of the facility makes you feel comfortable and more at ease. Dr. Sutton is very kind and compassionate towards what his patients are going through at the time of each visit. His staff are amiable and will help you any way they can to ease the stress of being at the dentist.In the past, I have always had anxiety going to any dentist and Dr. Sutton and his amazing team has helped me tremendously over come my fears and has kept me on the right path of keeping up the health of my teeth. I usually don’t refer anyone but I’ve referred him to all my friends, family and clients, as I stand behind Sonoma Smiles and am confident with my #1 Dentist referral!
Sarah Abrams
Sarah A.
I almost don't have words to describe how wonderful my experience has and is continuing to be with Dr. Sutton and his amazing staff! They are so supportive and funny, yes funny! I have had a fear of the dentist since I was a child and my teeth had just continued to get worse over the years. I went for my consultation and the minute I walked in I started to cry. Linda at the front desk and Amber, Dr Suttons assistant took me into the back immediately and I let Amber know why I was crying I was just to embarrassed to open my mouth! We had a complete consultation that day without opening my mouth. Since that day I have had my major procedures done and in just a few more months I will have my movie star smile. I'm pretty happy with the one I have now! These people are dedicated, educated and devoted to making people's lives better one smile at a time. I guess I found the words, must be the smile! I think I could go on for paragraphs about how much I love this place and these people.
Lynne Morrow
Lynne M.
Dr. Sutton and his staff are excellent. He teaches and supports continuing education for the office professionals. He is always up to date on the most effective, least invasive techniques. I've been coming since 2002. They are the best!
Karilee Shames
Karilee S.
It's great to have a dentist you can really trust - Dr Sutton is that dentist for our family...
Irene Vegar
Irene V.
I'm a total scardy cat when it comes to dental work. From the receptionist, to the dental assistant to the dentist, everyone was friendly and worked hard to put me at ease.The dentist was not only friendly and kind, but he thoroughly went over the options I had with regard to the dental work that I need to have done and some cost saving ideas for me to mull over. He did not pressure me to make a decision then and there.I came away feeling that I was placing myself in friendly, concerned for my welfare and competent hands.
Tamara Chapman Davis
Tamara Chapman D.
Excellent....warm, friendly and fabulous service.
Brooke Johnson
Brooke J.
I am so happy with Sonoma Smiles staff and Dr. Wayne Sutton. I am always greeted with a smile and everyone is very professional. The office is clean and inviting. My appointments always run on time and I never have to wait. I'm cared for the entire time and Dr. Sutton is very professional and friendly and his experience in his field of expertise shows through and through. From teeth cleanings, crowns, and most recently my new tooth implant I highly recommend Sonoma Smiles and Dr. Wayne Sutton! Thank you!
Alfred Bianchi
Alfred B.
A fantastic and very caring dentist and a very professional team.
All the staff are wonderful!helpful, professional, kind & top notch!I recommend them to all my friends!!!!!!
James Townsend
James T.
Debi is the best hygienist I have ever been to for my teeth. I know she is moving on but I am glad I got to know her and my teeth are much better for it. Yes I will miss her but it is her time to go. Jim Townsend
C. Lusk
C. L.
Dr. Sutton and his team are always helpful and friendly. I recommend them highly!
Kayla Beyah
Kayla B.
Sonoma smiles is the best place around! The office is very clean and professional. Everyone is smiling and very helpful. And best of all, my tooth implant only took an hour from the moment I walked in the door to when I left, which included them taking a blood sample so that they could make a bone graft using my own cells. I would highly recommend this office to anyone wishing to get dental surgery, you are in safe hands.
Michelle Rudell
Michelle R.
He understands the problems redheads have with anesthesia and he makes sure that I am comfortable before starting dental procedures. The staff and hygienists are friendly and kind and easy to talk to and they take good care of my teeth. I hope I never have to go anywhere else!
Theresa Avery
Theresa A.
Wonderful Dentist, wonderful staff.Very comfortable office.Gave me back my smile. Highly recommend.
Steve Hayter
Steve H.
I moved to San Diego a few years back. One of the things I miss most about "home" is Dr. Sutton. I've had a lot of dental work done over the years and am excruciatingly particular when it comes to dentists. Wayne loves what he does and it shows in his work. Friendly, engaging, professional, very modern amenities. I have a good dentist now, but it just doesn't compare; Sonoma Smiles set the bar way too high.
Steven Morgan
Steven M.
I went from a dental basket case, to someone who really doesn't mind going to the dentist.
mike stauber
mike S.
I have been seeing Dr. Sutton for years and the one thing that I love is his passion for always bringing the best technology to his office!
Teri Koehler
Teri K.
I went to Dr. Sutton after my dentist of 25 years retired. I could not believe how state of the art his office is. I could not be more happy with the service I get with Dr. Sutton and his staff. They go above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable and well taken care of. I had a major dental procedure done and it was so easy. Dr. Sutton is an expert at taking care of high fear patients so if you are one of those anxious patients you should definitely go see Dr. Sutton. 5 Stars for sure!!
wearsthecrown Becky Branca
wearsthecrown Becky B.
Dr Sutton and his team were so incredibly friendly and made my experience hassle free and very positive. They are absolute perfectionists, I felt at ease the whole time knowing that I would have a result I was completely happy with. Definitely suggest paying them a visit if you're thinking about getting porcelains done you will be in safe hands 😉
Cindy Wise
Cindy W.
Dr. Sutton is a amazing! I had a dentist for many years who retired. I was devastated I didn't know where I would go. I tried many different dentist and was never happy with there service. When I met Dr. Sutton things change for me. For the first time in years I can say I enjoy going to the dentist. Not only is Dr. Sutton professional, kind and gentle his staff makes you feel welcome as well.I would recommend Sonoma Smiles to any one. I know he's changing lives one smile at a time. He has defiantly change mine.
Gabriel Nelson
Gabriel N.
I have been a patient of Dr Suttons since 2008. I have had nothing but great experiences there from both the doctor and his staff. He is an honest dentist who never tries to sell me things I don't need. And all the work I have had done has been excellent. My cleanings are thorough but gentle which I appreciate.
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