Safe Foods to Eat after Dental Surgery

Safe Foods to Eat after Dental SurgeryPatients of Dr. Wayne Sutton that have wisdom teeth extracted, dental implants placed or undergo another type of dental surgery usually ask at some point, “What can I eat after surgery?” It can be difficult to find foods that are both satiating and easy to eat while recuperating from surgery.

Every Sonoma Smile patient and surgery are unique, and the rule of thumb is to follow Dr. Sutton’s instructions regarding suitable foods to eat. But in general, here are some of the most common foods that Dr. Sutton recommends after dental surgery:


Applesauce is one of the most popular foods to eat after dental surgery because it is smooth and rich in nutrients like vitamin C. You can buy it from the store or, if you want a healthier option, make it on your own by cooking apples until they are tender and then blending.

Jell-O is another great option because it is easy to prepare and eat. It also can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator for a week or so without going bad.

Ice cream is wonderful to eat after dental surgery because it tastes good and feels comforting to a tender or sore mouth. Avoid crunchy toppings, cones or sprinkles and go with a soft serve option, which is easier to eat.


Broth and broth-based soups are a comforting and savory option. Make sure it’s warm, not hot, and avoid soups that have large chunks of meat or vegetables. Try chicken noodle soup, tomato soup or chicken or beef broth. Cold soups like gazpacho are also great!

Mashed potatoes are tasty and easy to eat. You can even add toppings like sour cream or butter to enhance the flavor of the potatoes. Sweet potatoes, seasoned with a little butter and cinnamon, are also delicious! Before eating, make sure the potatoes don’t have any big chunks that could be difficult to chew.

What to Avoid

After dental surgery, avoid any foods that are crunchy or cruciferous, like vegetables, as well as spicy or overly acidic foods. Also, if you’ve had a tooth extracted, avoid using a straw, as the sucking motion may increase the risk of dry socket.

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