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Over the past 25 years, more than 80% of our patients have come from referrals. There is no higher compliment than to have a current patient refer a friend or family member to us. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read what others are saying about Sonoma Smiles, and we welcome your feedback.

Bob Salfi

Like others, I suffered for many years with the fear and anxiety of going to the dentist. From my painful dental experiences as a small child, I was absolutely embarrassed to talk to anyone about my dental phobia for fear of being unfairly judged.

“When I first heard about sleep dentistry it sounded interesting, so I did some research on the internet. At first, I was somewhat doubtful about the procedure, having thought that I would be the one person who would still feel the pain. My first consultation with Dr. Sutton eliminated all those fears. He assured me that the procedure would work for me and that he would make me as comfortable as possible. He truly delivered what he promised. After taking a small pill an hour before the procedure, I don’t remember much about the visit other than it seemed to go by very quickly. The whole experience was absolutely pain free and without the need for post-op pain medication.

“Simply stated, Dr. Wayne Sutton is a dentist from heaven. Sleep dentistry has proven to be the answer for my concerns about the pain and anguish that I had associated with being in the dental chair. After living with guilt and fear for many years, the sleep dentistry procedure performed by Dr. Sutton has finally put me on the right track to maintaining healthier teeth and gums, for which I will always be grateful. For the first time in over 40 years, I finally have teeth that do not cause my pain and anxiety.”
Cosmetic Dentistry

Mary Duncan

I am sorry to say that it had been over 8 years since I had seen a dentist. Needless to say my teeth were in poor shape. There were many reasons it had been so long since my last dental visit, I hated the dentist. Just thinking about making the appointment to go made me nervous… and the fact that it had been so long since my last visit – I felt ashamed. What a horrible person they would think I am for waiting so long!

“Even thought it was over a year until I finally made the first appointment with Dr. Sutton, it was like the website stated – they are different than the average dental office. They are warm, kind and loving people. They never once said anything that made me feel ashamed for having gone so long without going to the dentist. It was ‘we are glad you are here now, that’s all that matters.’

“I had my first sedation visit in January 2004. When I arrived they sat me down and gave me this little pill. A few minutes later they asked me how I was doing and the next thing I remember was when they said they were almost finished. What a piece of cake that was. What would have taken 7 or more visits took only 2. Had I known how great sedation dentistry was I would have gone back a long time ago. Thank you! Mary Duncan.

“P.S. I no longer dread the visit to the dentist.”

Sandy Himel

I wanted to drop just a quick not to let you know how much I appreciate your level of expertise and care. Being known as one of the more difficult and skittish patients, your ‘chair side manner’ was noticed and very effective. Your staff, too, deserves kudos for their caring manner and high level of competence at their jobs. All of you always go out of your way to see my comfort while giving me the highest level of care that today’s technology makes possible.

“I tell all my friends who ask that they should see you out the next time they need dental care.

“I look forward to many years working together with you and your wonderful staff to keep my teeth healthy.”

Holly Bruce

During my first exam Dr. Sutton and team made sure not to cause me any pain while examining my teeth… Also my fear of getting the lecture of ‘there’s not excuse for letter your teeth get this bad’ never happened! Instead I heard ‘we understand what you had to endure and we want you to be able to smile without covering your mouth or smiling with lips closed.’

“If anyone has a fear of pain or just the anxiety of having to be in a dental chair, Sedation Dentistry is the only way to go! I was given medication to take 1 hour prior to my visit, which I was a little fearful to take, thinking that I would have no control of my wits. Not to worry. I felt very relaxed, calm and very aware of my surroundings.

“The only thing I remembered was the nice warm blanket that was placed over me… I felt not pain, no shot, no drill — no nothing! I find myself smiling and showing my teeth for the first time in 10 years! I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to smile out loud.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sutton and his team. I highly recommend them to anyone who is tired of not being able to smile and, more important, tired of dealing with pain – it’s time to make that call!

“My new teeth are a work of art! Everyone I smile for can’t tell that they are not my own. They are beautiful. Thanks you Dr. Sutton and team, for giving me back my smile and for treating me so kindly and with respect and showing me that there is no longer a reason to fear going to the dentist.”

Tim Bush

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the incredibly service I received from you and your staff. You’ve managed to put together a first-rate team of professionals that are clearly a cut above the rest. Please feel free to pass along my gratitude to your entire organization. I’d recommend your practice to anyone!”


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