Oral Sedation FAQs

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Oral sedation FAQs

Approximately 15 percent of Americans experience some form of dental fear or anxiety, some so much that they avoid visiting the dentist altogether. Unfortunately, skipping routine dental exams and cleanings can open the door to a slew of oral health problems.

Dr. Wayne Sutton is a compassionate and gentle dentist who is dedicated to helping patients like you feel comfortable during your visit. He offers oral sedation dentistry, which has proven to be safe and effective in helping anxious and nervous patients feel at ease when receiving dental care.

Here, Dr. Sutton answers frequently asked questions regarding oral sedation dentistry.

How does oral sedation work?

Oral sedation is administered through a pill that works to put patients in a calm and relaxed state while still remaining conscious. During treatment, patients  are drowsy and less aware of what is happening. However, they are still able to communicate with Dr. Sutton and his team as normal.

The sedative pill is typically taken an hour before treatment. Because oral sedation does not provide pain relief, a local anesthetic may be used to numb the treatment area. The effects of oral sedation can take up to 24 hours to fully wear off.

What does oral sedation help with?

Oral sedation dentistry can be used if you experience one or more of the following while receiving dental work:

  • Fear or anxiety of drills or other dental instruments
  • Overactive gag reflex
  • Difficulty staying still for long periods of time
  • Low tolerance of pain
  • Stress about receiving dental work

Is it safe?

Oral sedation is safe, and complications are rare. Minor side effects include drowsiness and dry mouth. All sedation medications are administered by a trained and experienced member of Dr. Sutton’s team.

Will I be put to sleep?

No, oral sedation will not put you to sleep. Instead, you will enter a dream-like state that will make you very relaxed while dental work is performed. You will still be able to respond to all of the dentist’s instructions and questions.

How will I feel after my dental treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, you will feel slightly groggy. This side effect is minor and should wear off quickly. Be advised that you will not be able to drive immediately after, so you must enlist a loved one to drive you home from Dr. Sutton’s office.

Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from receiving the dental care you need. To learn more about oral sedation, please contact our Rohnert Park office and schedule an appointment today.

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