How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

Submited by Sonoma Smiles on September 13, 2019

Visiting the Dentist Rohnert Park, CA

Many years ago, people would visit the dentist when they had a dental problem like a cavity that needed to be fixed. Nowadays, the focus has shifted from fixing problems to preventing them. As an advocate of “preventative dentistry,” Dr. Wayne Sutton of Sonoma Smiles believes one of the best ways to proactively avoid dental problems is to see him and his team regularly for check-ups and professional cleanings.

At these visits, Dr. Sutton can check for problems that you may not know you have because you can’t see or feel them. Catching these types of problems in their early stages allows him to treat them when they are more manageable. This can not only save you time and money but also help you avoid experiencing pain and discomfort down the line.

What Happens during a Check-Up and Cleaning?

When you visit Dr. Sutton for a check-up and cleaning, several things will happen:

  • One of our dental hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, removing any plaque, tartar or other debris. They use special instruments and techniques to remove tartar and plaque in areas that your toothbrush and floss may miss.
  • Sutton will check your entire mouth, including your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks for problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, cavities and oral cancer.
  • X-rays and photographs may be taken to add to your file. Dr. Sutton may review these records to look for any changes that have occurred in your mouth since your last visit.
  • Sutton can suggest solutions for any cosmetic problems like chipped or cracked teeth, crowded teeth or missing teeth. Or, another appointment can be set to discuss those issues at a later date.

How Often Should You Book Appointments?

Twice a year is a good guideline for the average person. However, some groups who are at higher risk of dental problems can benefit from seeing Dr. Sutton more frequently (for example, every three or four months).

These groups include:

  • Smokers
  • Expecting mothers
  • People with diabetes
  • People with active gum disease
  • People who are prone to cavities

Also, keep in mind that how often you need to visit Dr. Sutton may change at different points during your life, and you may need to see him more often than usual to address a temporary problem.

To learn how often you should visit Dr. Sutton for optimal oral and overall health, contact Dr. Sutton and our team today. Call or email us today to request an appointment.

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