How Dentists Use Anesthesia or Sedation for More Comfortable Dental Treatment

It is very common to worry whether you might experience pain during dental treatment. Maybe you have disliked undergoing dental treatment since your childhood, or perhaps you had a bad experience at another dental office. Being fearful or anxious about dental treatment is a completely normal reaction and something that Dr. Wayne Sutton from Sonoma Smiles and his team are prepared to handle. Dr. Sutton is one of the longest licensed sedation dentists in the Rohnert Park area. Thanks to his training, as well as advances in pain and anxiety control, Dr. Sutton can help you receive the care and attention you need during a relaxed and comfortable visit.

Available Options

Dr. Sutton can use sedation or anesthesia to help make your dental experience virtually pain-free and stress-free. Some medications relax you, and others control pain. The type of anesthesia or sedation option that is best for you depends on factors such as your overall health, any allergies you have and the type of dental procedure you need.

Nitrous Oxide

The first option to make your dental treatment more comfortable is nitrous oxide. A small mask is placed over your nose and, as you inhale the gas, you relax almost immediately. You can respond to questions and cues normally, but not feel any pain. As soon as you remove the mask and breathe normally, the relaxion effect wears off.  You do not need an escort home, and you do not need to fast prior to treatment.

Oral Sedation

Another option to help make your appointment relaxing and comfortable is oral conscious sedation. This approach involves taking a pill prior to your appointment. The medication used in oral conscious sedation puts you into a deeply relaxed state. You are still able to respond to verbal cues or a gentle touch during treatment, but you do not feel any pain or anxiety. You cannot drive after taking the medication, so you will need someone to escort you home. You should have very little recollection of your appointment afterward.

Local Anesthesia (i.e., Novocain)

Dr. Sutton uses Novocain during many dental procedures. He administers the medication through a small injection, which temporarily numbs the area. A topical numbing cream can be used to numb the area in preparation of the injection.

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