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What is Teeth Tomorrow?

Teeth Tomorrow is an innovative system that uses a fixed dental bridge, attached to the jawbone with several dental implants, to replace multiple missing teeth. The Teeth Tomorrow system can be life-changing for individuals that have suffered endless long-term problems because of missing teeth. Chewing, speaking and smiling are no longer a burden with Teeth Tomorrow. The system uses a Prettau® zirconia implant bridge, which is the leading choice in tooth restoration for many dentists, including Dr. Wayne Sutton. According to one four-year study, Teeth Tomorrow has a success rate of 99.8 percent.

Teeth Tomorrow in Rohnert Park

What Teeth Tomorrow Accomplishes

Teeth Tomorrow replaces missing teeth and solves the related functional and oral problems of gaps in the mouth. First, several dental implant posts are placed in the jawbone. Then, a beautiful dental bridge is affixed to the top of the posts to restore the appearance of a full arch of natural, healthy teeth.

Cosmetic Benefits

The dental bridge used with the Teeth Tomorrow treatment is a Prettau® zirconia bridge, crafted from the strongest and most stable dental material possible. Many implant centers provide plastic teeth, which can break and stain. This will not happen with the Prettau® implant bridge. Cosmetically, this bridge is the next best thing to natural teeth; it looks extremely similar to natural tooth enamel.

Many patients prefer the look of the Prettau® implant bridge to that of dentures. The beautiful zirconia is almost lifelike in its appearance, and blends in flawlessly with any remaining teeth in the opposite jaw. The material will not chip, stain or break, providing a beautiful smile for many years to come.

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Functional Benefits

Because of the strength and durability of zirconia, the Prettau® dental bridge can withstand normal chewing and biting function with no problems (e.g., chipping or cracking). The appliance is custom-created to match the patient’s exact specifications, so there should not be any problems with fit or comfort. It should feel almost identical to a natural set of healthy, functioning teeth.

Health Benefits

The natural chewing function keeps the underlying jawbone strong and healthy. When teeth fall out, the bone can start to deteriorate and the facial structures can start to collapse or look aged. This is why it is so important to replace missing teeth.

Another benefit that is unrelated to looks, function or oral health — but should nonetheless be acknowledged, is that a dental system like Teeth Tomorrow can actually save you money. The one-time investment in this system is, over time, cheaper than the lifetime cost of replacing several teeth multiple times with less reliable restorations. For many people, it simply makes sense to spend a little more money upfront for a long-term, stable tooth replacement system. The peace of mind is priceless.

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Tomorrow?

The best candidates for Teeth Tomorrow are individuals that:

  • Need significant restorative dental treatment
  • Do not want/have the time to spend on multiple dental appointments over the years fixing their problem teeth over and over
  • Have sufficient jawbone to support several implant posts (however, there are a few options to work around this)
  • Are in good health and free of any medical conditions that could affect the healing process (e.g., immune disorders)
  • Ideally do not smoke (smoking can lower implant success)
  • Can commit to caring for the dental bridge device and regularly seeing a dentist for maintenance

Placement Process

The implant-supported dental bridge system works exactly as the name implies. Patients visit Dr. Sutton’s office one day for necessary surgery and to be fitted and prepped for their appliance, and they leave the next day with a beautiful smile.

First, Dr. Sutton needs to obtain information about the patient’s mouth and teeth. This helps him construct a three-dimensional image of the planned prosthesis. Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology is used to ensure the device’s precise fit and beautiful appearance. After complete healing and approval of the temporary bridges, the final Prettau bridge is ordered and delivered. The final bridge is hand-painted to resemble natural, healthy teeth and gums.

Several dental implant posts (about five or six) are placed in the jawbone to act as a strong base for the Prettau bridge. Then, the bridge is securely attached to the tops of the posts and fitted over the gums. The single appliance replaces the entire arch of teeth, with no additional crowns or restorations needed to complete the smile.

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Adjusting to Life with New Teeth

The dental implants supporting the Prettau® zirconia bridge need time to heal during a period called osseointegration. For the first few months of recovery, they integrate with the jawbone. The titanium posts trigger the jawbone to wrap fibers around the implants. This ensures the implants and bridge won’t shift around in the mouth. In traditional dental implant treatment, the posts are placed during a surgical procedure and left to heal; then, several months later, the permanent teeth are placed atop the implant posts. But Teeth Tomorrow accelerates this process and places the implant posts and artificial temporary teeth (bridge) at the same time.

While the implant posts are healing and the mouth is adjusting to the new bridge, it is wise to eat soft foods only. This avoids putting pressure on the jawbone or gums. Slowly, regular foods can be reintroduced. Tenderness and soreness are normal and should subside over time.

After the mouth has acclimated to the implant-supported bridge, patients can eat almost all of their favorite foods — including steak, apples and corn on the cob — without problems. Because the bridge leaves the roof of the mouth uncovered, patients can enjoy the taste of their food, too.

Good oral hygiene is critical to the long-term success of the Teeth Tomorrow system. Dr. Sutton explains how to care for the device and when to return to the office for periodic professional cleanings. During an appointment, the bridge may be unscrewed, deep cleaned and adjusted if needed for a more comfortable or secure fit.

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Learn More about Teeth Tomorrow

If you need extensive reconstructive dental work performed, and you want the best, most beautiful and strongest option available today, then Teeth Tomorrow may be right for you. Contact Dr. Wayne Sutton to talk about your candidacy for this revolutionary system. Call or email Sonoma Smiles today.

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