ClearCorrect® for Santa Rosa & Petaluma

Dr. Wayne Sutton is proud to offer patients in Rohnert Park and throughout Sonoma County an advanced, nearly invisible orthodontic treatment that is ideal for straightening crooked teeth, while effectively targeting what — for many teens — can be a major side effect of orthodontic treatment: social awkwardness.

Am I a Candidate for Clear Braces?

ClearCorrect® clear plastic aligners are a great choice for adults and adolescents alike, whether teeth are being straightened for the first time or have drifted over the years. ClearCorrect® is perfect for crowded teeth, spaced teeth, cross bite, underbite and overbite. Patients enjoy the many advantages this advanced technology provides, including better comfort, greater freedom, and less time receiving adjustments at the dentist’s office.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

ClearCorrect is designed to gradually move crooked teeth into place. Computer-assisted design makes it possible for the ClearCorrect® retainer to do the work of the old metal-plus-bonding-cement approach, and do it more quickly. ClearCorrect aligners are hard to notice and easy to forget, and can be removed quickly for eating and social occasions.

The treatment requires a very modest investment of time. The first step in the smile-enhancing process is to take X-rays and make an impression of your bite. This allows Dr. Sutton to generate a digital three-dimensional image of your mouth, which provides a baseline used to create your first aligner.

How ClearCorrect® Works

ClearCorrrect® tends to favor comfort vs. speed of tooth movement, in comparison with some other plastic aligners. Because the goal of ClearCorrect® is to move an individual tooth no more than 3 millimeters per aligner, ClearCorrect® aligners are worn for two weeks, rather than replaced weekly. Dr. Sutton will provide you with a new disposable aligner and monitor your progress during regular appointments.

At home, you’ll wear your aligner throughout most of the day. Each new aligner is designed to place additional pressure on the teeth, to bring your smile into perfect balance. With this advanced technology, your goals can normally be achieved within a year to 18 months.

Once you have achieved the beautiful smile Dr. Sutton has planned for you, it may also be necessary to wear a retainer to keep teeth from shifting. Like ClearCorrect® aligners, many new retainers are made of plastic and are barely noticeable.

Lower Costs of ClearCorrect®

Although there are similar plastic orthodontic products on the market, ClearCorrect® is generally a less expensive choice. ClearCorrect® advertises fewer lab fees and lower costs for revisions and replacements. Variables that affect cost include how many aligners you will use and how far your teeth need to move. The good news is that dental insurance plans often cover ClearCorrect®, and flexible payment options are also available.

ClearCorrect® FAQ

Does ClearCorrect® treatment hurt?

ClearCorrect treatment does not hurt. The plastic is specially designed to fit snugly over the teeth without irritating the gums or the soft tissues of the mouth. There might be slight tooth sensitivity when switching to a new set of aligners, but it usually disappears within a few days.

Will ClearCorrect® affect my speech?

You will be able to speak clearly while wearing your aligners. It might take a few days for your tongue and the muscles in your mouth to adjust to the aligners.

How long do the results of ClearCorrect® last?

ClearCorrect® results can last indefinitely with the proper care. Many patients are fitted for a special retainer to help maintain the results of ClearCorrect® long-term.

Will ClearCorrect® affect my diet?

The aligners should be removed for all meals and snacks, and there are no dietary restrictions. You should not chew gum while wearing your aligners, as it can stick to the plastic.

To learn more about ClearCorrect®, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sutton. Call (707) 585-2555 to schedule your appointment at Sonoma Smiles.


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