Dr. Sutton Answers Your Questions about Fountain of Youth® Dentures

Questions about Fountain of Youth® Dentures

For patients missing all or most of their teeth, Fountain of Youth® dentures (FOY) offer a second chance at a restored smile without the downsides of traditional dentures. Traditional dentures  are considered by many to be bulky and artificial-looking. FOY dentures offer an enhanced fit and feel, while creating beautiful and youthful facial contours. With…

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What Are the Fountain of Youth® Dentures?

Fountain of Youth Dentures

Dr. Wayne Sutton of Sonoma Smiles is pleased to offer patients that need dentures a breakthrough technology called the Fountain of Youth® Dentures. Fountain of Youth, or FOY, dentures are uniquely designed to fit, feel and function better than traditional dentures. As an added benefit, they also soften or minimize some of the common signs…

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