Can Clear Braces Effectively Treat Crooked Teeth?

Effectiveness of ClearCorrect braces

Are you looking for the best way to improve the appearance of crooked, misaligned teeth? Have you thought about using a system of clear braces, but questioned their effectiveness? Dr. Wayne Sutton of Sonoma Smiles is often asked whether clear braces can successfully correct orthodontic issues. Read on as he sets the record straight.

A Safe and Effective Way to Straighten Teeth

“Clear braces” is a phrase that refers to systems like ClearCorrect, which uses a series of transparent, removable aligners to shift the teeth into the proper position and alignment. ClearCorrect is very popular among adults and teenagers that want a straighter smile without having to wear traditional metal braces. The system can be used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth or crowded teeth, or to close small spaces between the teeth. The ClearCorrect aligners put gentle pressure on the teeth that need to move, and each set of aligners is designed to move the teeth closer to the correct position than the previous set. The customized aligners are comfortable, discreet and easily removable for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, so they don’t put any limitations on diet or make it difficult to practice good oral hygiene.

Are You a Good Candidate for ClearCorrect?

Dr. Sutton’s ClearCorrect patients have seen extraordinary results without the embarrassment of wearing traditional metal braces. However, clear braces are not suitable for everyone.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for ClearCorrect, you will have to meet with Dr. Sutton so he can conduct a thorough examination and discuss your goals with you.

In general, you might be a good candidate for ClearCorrect if you:

  • Have mildly to moderately crooked teeth or tooth misalignment
  • Do not want to wear traditional braces
  • Can commit to wearing your aligners for 22 hours per day
  • Can commit to visiting Dr. Sutton regularly so he can monitor your progress

ClearCorrect is probably not a good option if your orthodontic problems extend beyond mild to moderate crookedness and misalignment and are more serious in nature. For example, if you have a complex bite problem or a misaligned jaw, you may be better suited to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces or another type of orthodontic appliance.

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