Benefits of Laser Gum Recontouring Santa Rosa

benefits of laser gum recontouring at Sonoma SmilesAt Sonoma Smiles, Dr. Wayne Sutton offers a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dentistry treatments in Rohnert Park to make over his patients’ smiles. Some patients are bothered not by the condition of their teeth, but by the shape or prominence of their gums. For those patients, Dr. Sutton can recommend laser gum recontouring to create a more beautiful smile.

Here, Dr. Sutton describes some of the notable benefits of laser gum recontouring.

Improves the Appearance of a “Gummy Smile”

Laser gum recontouring fixes the appearance of a “gummy smile” caused by excess or prominent gum tissue. During treatment, Dr. Sutton gently vaporizes the gum tissue with the laser, exposing more tooth structure and making the teeth look longer. This improves the ratio of gums to teeth and rejuvenates the entire smile.

Creates a More Even Gum Line

Laser gum recontouring can also be used to treat an uneven or asymmetrical gum line. Dr. Sutton carefully refines the gum line to create the ideal shape and leave the gums looking even and smooth. They should complement the teeth, not distract from them.

Avoids the Need for Anesthesia

There is no cutting during the procedure, so general anesthesia is not required. Local anesthesia might help in some cases.

Reduces Fear of Discomfort or Pain during Treatment

A laser does not produce the noise or smell that a dental drill does, nor does it make physical contact with the teeth. Laser gum recontouring is generally a more comfortable procedure for patients. The gums might feel sore or tender, but these side effects disappear very quickly.

Minimizes Post-Operative Bleeding and Discomfort

The laser cauterizes the tissue as it vaporizes it, so there is less bleeding and discomfort after treatment. It also reduces the chances of developing an infection. The recovery tends to be quicker than traditional gum recontouring.

Results Are Permanent

Once gum tissue is removed, it does not grow back. The recontoured gums should maintain their new shape indefinitely. Dr. Sutton encourages patients to practice proper oral hygiene habits to keep the gums healthy and clean.

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