Back-to-School Dental Tips

Back-to-School Dental TipsIn the flurry of the back-to-school season, don’t let your family’s oral health slide. Dr. Wayne Sutton, a trusted dentist in Rohnert Park , has you covered. Here, he shares his best dental health tips to remember as your family goes back to school.

Schedule a Dental Exam and Cleaning

Start your kids’ school year off right with a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning at Sonoma Smiles. Dr. Sutton can check for signs of cavities, which are the biggest threat to your children’s oral health. Catching cavities and other problems in their early stages means that Dr. Sutton can start treatment and avoid costly care and missed days at school.

During an exam and cleaning, Dr. Sutton can also recommend supplemental treatments like fluoride or sealants to help prevent dental disease.

Pro Tip: Try not to schedule dental appointments after a long day, when young kids tend to be cranky. Book appointments in the morning or early afternoon hours for a more positive experience.

Be Mindful when Packing Lunches

Choose wisely when shopping for and packing your kids’ lunch. Look for teeth-friendly, portable lunch foods and snacks like yogurt, nuts, raw vegetables, cheese, milk and grains. Instead of soda, throw in a bottle of water. And instead of a cookie or piece of candy, opt for a piece of fruit.

Pro Tip: If your child plans to buy food in the school cafeteria, look over the menu ahead of time and point out healthy options.

Refine Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Watch over your children as they brush and floss, and make sure their technique is effective. Throw out old toothbrushes with frayed bristles and make sure the kids are brushing for a full two minutes a day.

Pro Tip: Play your children’s favorite song and ask them to brush for the duration of it. Or turn brushing into a fun game.

Have Your Child Fitted for a Mouthguard

If your child plays sports, have them fitted for a custom mouthguard to protect their teeth and mouth from a sudden blow or impact. Stock or boil-and-bite mouthguards tend to fit loosely and do not offer the comfort and protection of a custom mouthguard.

Pro Tip: Put one of Dr. Sutton’s business cards in your child’s backpack or sports bag. If there is an unexpected accident during gym class, practice or a game, the teacher or coach can immediately get in contact with our office.

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