Tips for Preserving Your Teeth as You Age

You only get one body and one natural set of teeth, so it’s important that you actively work to preserve the health of both. Dental education has taken a front seat among today’s dental professionals with the concept of “prevention” taking forefront to the “drill, fill and bill” attitude of past decades. In order to maintain healthy teeth and prevent unnecessary visits to the dentist, simply follow these five preventative tips.

Regular Dental Checkups Are Key to Prevention.

The key to preserving healthy teeth and preventing serious dental problems is early detection. Although some patients are of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, the longer you wait to treat cavities or dental decay, the more issues you will experience as decay spreads undetected.

Swap Out Your Old Toothbrush and Pick Up an Electric One.

In dentistry, one of the greatest advances in at home dental care is the electric toothbrush. In fact, 99 percent of patients do not adequately brush their teeth and rarely brush for the full two minutes that is required. Electric toothbrushes help eliminate the confusion by properly brushing your teeth for you and utilizing a timer that ensures the full brushing session occurs.

Wear a Night Guard If You’re A Grinder or Clencher.

Grinding your teeth at night can dramatically wear away at the structure of your teeth if left undiagnosed. Clenchers, on the hand, may not notice the immediate damaging effects that grinders do, but the constant pressure clenching places on the teeth can break down bone around the teeth and lead to bone loss, gum recession and possibly tooth loss. If you think you may fall into one of these categories, visit your dentist so you can get fitted for a mouth guard.

Select an Oral Hygiene Regimen That’s Right For You.

There are millions of oral care products currently on the market, but they aren’t all right for you. Whether you are a patient that is cavity-prone, has sensitive teeth, stains easily or has bad gums, will determine the oral hygiene regimen that is right for you. Visit your regular dentist to help determine in which category you fit, so that your dentist can design a regimen that is right for you.

Finally, the most important recommendation for preserving your teeth is choosing the right dentist. Dr. Wayne Sutton at Sonoma Smiles is recognized in Sonoma County and beyond as one of the region’s premier cosmetic dentists. Schedule your appointment today! Call (707) 200-1191!


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