Will Rohnert Park Dental Implants Be Grown in a Lab?

Dental Implants performed at our Rohnert Park Dental Office are cutting edge but will we one day grow new teeth from a person’s own gum cells?Dental Implants Rohnert Park

After reading an article in the Journal of Dental Research we are dumbfounded by the successful bioengineering of the stem cell implant! A “biotooth” ground in the gap of a missing tooth just may be in our great-grandchildren’s  mouths one day as the next generation of dentistry emerges. UK researches believe it will still be technology for the future. The researchers had to combine the human gum cells with a type of embryonic mouse cell to instruct the gum cells to make teeth. The next challenge is to find a human adult cell that can be coaxed to do the same.

A bioengineered implant would be a “living” tooth that would preserve the health of the tissue around it ever more effectively than an artificial implant. The biotooth is a able to respond to a person’s bite. They move as a natural tooth would this causes them to be able to  maintain the health of the surrounding gums and teeth. £0.5m (approximately $0.8m) has already been granted for researchers to develop a way to use stem cells to grow a new tooth.

Research has focused on generating immature teeth (teeth primordia) that are extremely similar to those in an unborn baby.  These teeth can be transplanted as small cell into a jaw to grow into teeth that perform like the one around it. Researchers now clamor to find a source of suitable cells that would make the method work! Sources of human epithelial and mesenchymal cells need to be identified in order to accomplish this futuristic feat. The cells must be obtained in sufficient numbers to make biotooth formation a viable alternative to dental implants.

They were able to isolate epithelial cells from adult human gum tissue, and then cultured them with mouse embryonic tooth mesenchyme cells. The gum tissue came from patients at the Dental Institute at King’s College London. What a generous contribution, indeed!

When the gum tissue was transplanted into mice, the epithelial-mesenchyme cell created hybrid teeth with dentine, enamel, and functional roots.  So the next major challenge, is to find a way to get adult human mesenchymal cells to send tooth-inducing signals, because at the moment, the researchers can only get embryonic mesenchymal cells to do that.

In this generation, Rohnert Park dental implants are the closet alternative to a natural tooth and we don’t need rats to make them! Call today to schedule a painless dental implant!

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