Rohnert Park Cosmetic Dentist Reveals Celebrity Dental Work Gone Wrong

Even celebrities have had negative dental experiences but you can insure that your procedures are a success with our Rohnert Park Cosmetic Dentist. Sonoma County is home of the most professional and capable Smile Maker in California which is a well worthwhile flight from Hollywood.Rohnert Park Cosmetic Dentist

It’s no secret that the perfect smiles that grace the red carpet are made in the dental office. Only a golden token of genetics or a visit to a qualified Cosmetic Dentist can be responsible for the straight white teeth that these ladies and gentlemen flash at the paparazzi.  However, if not done properly, some dental work can leave your teeth looking worse and having more than just cosmetic trouble. Some of your favorite stars have had smile makeovers that turned into cosmetic nightmares.  With Sonoma Smiles at your service you will not make the same mistake.

Hilary Duff had chip after chip on her front teeth.  Microphones were the culprit for the embarrassing mishap, so she decided to invest in a set of veneers. Sadly, the results were worse than the repeated chipping. Post veneer her teeth were long and thick, they so oversized and blindingly white, that they looked too unnatural. After a few years of suffering with her poor work she found herself back in the dentist chair for a “do-over”.  Her teeth are now filed to an appropriate length, straighter, and look natural.

Regis Philbin was mocked as a result of his blinging white smile. It was the result of veneers, not bleaching. The veneers did wonderful things for straightening his smile, and of course white is better than stained but Philbin’s teeth jump out and are too blinding.

Lil’ Wayne paid the price for his a candy addiction as a child. Grasping for unique appeal he covered his badly stained and decayed smile with a “grill.” $150,000 later, his teeth were crowned with gold and diamonds. This trick of his did in fact mask the discolored terror beneath the grill but decay started to form under his grill and began to eat away at his natural teeth with decay. It did end up buying him some time by delaying his prison sentence in 2010. Instead he underwent an eight-hour dental surgery, which included eight root canals and tooth implants. I’m guessing he would have rather chosen prison.

Robert Pattinson truly embodied his role in Twilight when producers “shaved little gaps” on his teeth to begin fixing his smile. The actor refused to wear an Invisalign brace and his teeth were stuck like that. However, in recent years, the gaps between his teeth have decayed. Pattinson says he regrets letting the producers get a hold of his mouth, because it’s caused him so many problems.

Dr. Wayne Sutton in Rohnert Park is the cosmetic dentist with innovative procedures to give you a beautiful smile. To create your superstar smile correctly the first time contact Sonoma Smiles today at 707- 200-1191


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